Ideal Village Movement


Enable the essential needs in Water, Health, Education, Energy and Livelihoods, in a Holistic and Sustainable manner, using cost-effective technology and stakeholder-collaboration to create an enduring rural economy for 20% of India’s rural population by 2030.

Mission & Methodology

Identify best practices from NGOs/Foundations/Academia/SMART Village methodology for scaling across India to create Ideal Villages.​Receive buy-in from Central Govt. and State Govt. departments and relevant agencies to enable scaling to achieve the impact goals.​Integrate CSR programs and Companies that align with each Ideal Village Track (vertical) to enable expanded pilots and district-level scaling.​Maintain a central Ideal Village Project Office and satellite centers for all States involved in the Ideal Village scaling programs.​Recruit Ideal Village champions at all levels who will ensure integrity, strict adherence, and consistent progress of the rural development mission. ​Institutes of Eminence (IITs, BHU, etc) mentor 5-10 regional colleges to disseminate  Ideal Village knowhow and research output for scaling.​

Metrics of Success​

Essential Needs & Outcomes

Water &
Healthcare &
Energy &
& Skill Development
Livelihood &
& Farming

2022 Ideal Village Conference as launch pad for the Ideal Village Movement (IVM)​

India as the global model for Rural Development​

Collaborative Ecosystem

NGOs, Govt agencies, CSR companies, Academic institutions, Startups, Foundations

Invest Rural India Mission​

Tax incentives, land grants​Venture capital, Cap-ex​Infrastructure development ​Rural entrepreneurship​Women empowerment

National Rural Development Database​

Development projects, Organizations involved,​Success stories, Best practices, Lessons learnt

Rural Development Institutes

Train resources, Develop Sustainable & Innovative solutions with Appropriate Technology

Create 10,000 Ideal Villages by 2025

1000 Ideal Villages in each of 10 Indian States in partnership with 100 Companies (CSR), NGOs, Sponsors ​

Impact 20% of India’s rural population (160 Million) by 2030​

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