Poster Presentations

Important Dates

  • Poster Abstracts Submission deadline: 31st October, 2022 at 5:00PM (IST)

  • Confirmation of Poster Selection: 1st November, 2022

  • Deadline for Conference Registration: 7th November, 2022(All presenters must registerfor the conference no later than 25/10/22.  Any poster presenter not registered by this date will be subject to removal from the conference program. Poster presenters can register here.)

  • Deadline for Conference Accommodation:  25thOctober, 2022(Poster presenters will receive the Special Conference Rates from all conference hotels until 27/10/22.  The rooms will be released to other conference participants on 26th October, 2022. Please register here.)

  • PDF of final poster for the Conference Souvenir: 3rd November, 2022 at 5:00PM(IST)(A printer-ready PDF copy ofyour final poster is required for the Poster Committee approval and to include in the Conference Souvenir.  All poster presenters must bring a hard copy of the final poster for display.)

  • Deadline for the booking of stall(exhibition):  10thNovember, 2022. Please book here.)

Placing and Removing Your Poster

  • Each poster board will be numbered, indicating your assigned poster space for each session.  Only place your poster on that board, because your unique board number is linked to the Conference Program.

  • All presenters are asked to put their posters up for display and removal at the times listed below.

  • Posters that are not placed during the setup period will be barred from their scheduled poster session.

  • Posters that are not removed during the takedown period will be removed quickly and are likely to get damaged.

  • Poster assignments are available in the back pages of the onsite printed program.

  • Any posters left behind at the end of the poster sessions will be trashed in the paper recycling bin.  Printed posters are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the poster presenters.


Poster Setup Period

Poster Takedown Period

Poster Session 1
8:00-9:00AM, 12th Nov., 2022
1:00-2:00PM, 12th Nov., 2022
Poster Session 2
2:00-3:00PM, 12th Nov., 2022
6:00-7:00PM, 12th Nov., 2022
Poster Session 3
8:00-9:00AM, 13th Nov., 2022
1:00-2:00PM, 13th Nov., 2022

Poster Size

Posters boards are 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide. Posters should be prepared as a single poster rather than multiple sheets pieced together. Your poster dimensions should be a maximum of 3 feet 9 inches (3’9” or 114 cm) by 5 feet 9 inches (5’9” or 175 cm), so that you do not cover the poster board numbers. This helps other poster presenters, as well as viewers, quickly identify your poster for greater visibility. Posters printed on foam core are much harder to hang up, please consider this when choosing the materials and format for your poster. Please bring a sufficient quantity of push-pins or thumb tacks with you for displaying your poster.

Poster Appearance

  • Keep the text brief. Report only key aspects of each section (objective, methods, results, discussion, and policy implications, [references, if needed]). DO NOT display the entire text from a paper. Too much detail detracts from the primary message of the text.

  • Keep the figures simple and colorful. Convey only one idea / result per figure, table, or photograph. Figures from publications, theses, or dissertations typically are not good for posters. Make figures simple and bold!

  • Text and figures should be readable to someone standing at a minimum distance of six feet.  Large text and figures will attract more conference participants to view your poster.

  • Charts and graphs must clearly show what you want the conference participants to see.

  • Use appropriate blank space between words, sections, and figures.

  • Use appropriate and compatible colors for fonts, backgrounds, graphics, and matting. White backgrounds generally are best for all the text.

  • Simple typefaces are preferable to fancy fonts. Bold type is more effective on headings.

Poster Presentation

Poster presenters are encouraged to have a 2-3 minute talk prepared about their work that they can share with session attendees. Your talk should cover the background of your program or research as well as the main findings that can be easily understood by all attendees. Avoid the use of highly technical language.

Outstanding Poster Award

A maximum of one award will be given to the Most Outstanding Poster and oral presentation for each of the six conference tracks, namely, Agriculture & Farming, Water & Sanitation, Healthcare & Nutrition, Education & Skill Development, Energy & Environment, Livelihoods & Sustainability.

Competition Rules:

  • The poster must be accepted for presentation at the Ideal Village Conference.

  • The poster must be displayed during the Poster Presentation Session to which it is assigned.

  • Eligible posters must focus on subject matter relevant to their Conference Track. To be considered for the Outstanding Poster Award, a selected poster must be submitted under one of the six conference tracks, but can include content for other tracks as well.

  • The Track leadership will select the Poster Award Committee, which will evaluate the posters and select the winner.

  • Each winner will receive a certificate, a letter of congratulations from the Track Co-Chairs, and a guaranteed Free Registration for the 2023 Ideal Village Conference in Washington DC.