Pre-recorded Videos

Enhancing access to critical care services through an indigenously developed tele-ICU model in India

Dr. Carl Britto

Harvard Medical School & The Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

Oral Cancer Screening in Rural Populations

Dr. Pushpa Tandon

National Cancer Institute, Maryland, USA

Screening for Liver Disease in Rural India

Dr. Shiv Sarin

Director, Liver Institute of India

The Power and Potential for Prevention in Rural Healthcare

Dr. Rajiv Shah

President, Rockefeller Foundation, New York, USA

The Metaphysics of Ayurvedic Alchemy

Dr. Joanna M. Carmichael, PhD, RN, BSN

Transformational Nurse Coach Metaphysician & Vedic Educator Founder, Kalyana Consulting, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA

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