Behera, Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar

Dr Sanjeeb Kumar Behera
African Asian Rural Development Organization

Sanjeeb Kumar Behera (born in 1965), after obtaining his doctorate degree from the School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, started his professional career as a Researcher at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi three decades ago. Before moving to the African-Asian Rural Development Organization(an inter-government Organization of African-Asian countries) in the year 2002, he was associated with Prayas Institute of Juvenile Justice, New Delhi and Project Concern International/India where he worked in the areas of research and monitoring of projects related to children and health sector respectively. He coordinated several research studies concerning various aspects of socio-economic development in different countries of both Africa and Asia, developed training modules and identified new training centres for senior government officials working in the field of rural and agricultural development; organized several seminars, workshops and training programs in different countries of Africa and Asia. He also successfully negotiated with several UN agencies/international donors for technical and financial collaborations. Currently, he is heading the IEC Division in the International Secretariat of African-Asian Rural Development Organization and focusing largely on institutional collaborations and transfer of affordable agricultural and rural development technologies within AARDO member countries.