Tangutooru, Dr. Siva Mahesh

Dr. Siva Mahesh Tangutooru Ph.D. USA
CEO Jama Botanics and TurfPearl Agritech

Dr. Siva Mahesh Tangutooru, is the founder and CEO of Jama Botanics Private Limited and Turfpearl Agritech Private Limited. He leads Food and Agri tech companies in promoting the commercial crops cultivation across India.

He extensively promoted the use of natural herbal extracts in place of artificial synthetic compounds for enhanced life style. While promoting the use of natural products on one side, he also enabled the commercial cultivation of these products in rural India and bridging the gap between farmers and Industries. The mission is to make agriculture in India as an organized sector and bring sustainability using latest software technologies. Since incorporation, the turnover increased from 2 crores to 19 crores in 4 years and thus helping the rural economy in its own way.

He headed technology enabled (customized) farming projects for Industries to cater raw material and semi-finished products by using smart phone applicationsfor traceability, Satellite monitoring for farm health management, advanced fertilizers and pesticides, Drones for spraying where ever it is feasible etc.

His goal is to increase the farmer base, cater to diversified sector of customers and create an impact in Indian Agriculture sector by market oriented “value added commercial cultivation” at the farmer level.

Key Awards and Recognitions